Metric Conversions

Dear all,

today, Y4 completed an investigation based on measure. They had to work in teams to measure and convert the distances each of them was able to throw a beanbag, on top pitch. Children used multiplication to convert from metres to centimetres, and then to millimetres. Some children were also able to use division to convert to km as well! It was also the perfect weather for such an investigation!

Have a great long weekend!

Mr Gorner.


Sizzling start to Summer Term!

Dear all,

Year 4 have made a wonderful start to the new term, and I must say, they have all been very much on the ball! In maths we have made great progress on adding and subtracting fractions; so much so that some children can now convert fractions so that they have the same denominator, and then add them! Next week, we will be recapping our knowledge of 12 and 24-hour clock conversions! So, get practising over the weekend, please. In English, we have begun work on the them of ‘Individuality’. We are exploring this theme through the novel ‘A Place Called Perfect’, by Helena Duggan – a great one to look out for in the library!

I’m sure you’re all as delighted with the weather as I am! Make sure you enjoy as much of it as possible, but most importantly, don’t forget to pack for PGL on Wednesday! Thank you to those of you who could attend the meeting. However, if you couldn’t make it, and still have questions, you are always welcome to contact us.

Have a great weekend! Mr Gorner.

Hard working week!

Dear all,

Y4 have certainly work ed very hard this week. Although, there is one aspect of their Maths they seem to have forgotten since last term! That’s the ESSIENTIAL skill of know what happens to digits when a number is multiplied and divided by 10/100/1000! We spent quite a lot of time on this this morning, and they are getting there, but if there is one thing you could practise with your children this weekend that is it!

Cheriene and Tina certainly knew the rules, and were caught listing them to help them!IMG_1683


I was also very pleased to catch Mason and Henry reading. It was Golden Time, and they could have chosen to do anything they wished, but they insisted on reading! My favourite activity!


Have a great weekend, all. Mr Gorner.

Careers Week!

Dear all!

We have had a week of thinking about our futures! I am extremely impressed with the level of ambition coming from Y4! Long may they dream big!

We were also very lucky to have two people from different sectors of the world of work to talk about their roles, and the qualifications they needed in order to get their jobs! On Monday, Omari and Kareem’s father came in to talk about life as a construction site manager, and today Mr Patel came in to talk about taxes! We hope that the kind contribution from these visitors has inspired Y4 somewhat!

Here are some snaps from their respective visits.

First half term of 2018 over!

Dear all,

as you know, Y4 attended the Imperial War Museum, yesterday, to enhance their learning about WW2! The trip was even more successful than I had thought it would be, and the class were completed blown away by some of the moving, and personal stories available to the public to read, and listen to, there.

In the photo below, they are engrossed in a story, being told by one of the staff at the museum, about how fishermen collected soldiers from Dunkirk in boats of all sizes – some were pretty much row-boats- and brought them back to British shores, at the end of the war. IMG_1607

Roman Numeral Code Stories!

Dear all,

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week! In Y4, we feel it has simply raced past! How is it Friday already?!

This week we have been consolidating our knowledge of Roman Numerals. The class were extremely good at this, and their most successful work can be seen in number, and calculation, stories that were written entirely with Roman Numerals! Please see the example below!

Have a wonderful weekend, and please keep up the reading and hard work with homework!

Best wishes, Mr Gorner. IMG_1588

Almost Spring!

Dear all,

I hope you, and your child, are settling back into the school routine! You will have read the most recent Curriculum Letter, and Home Learning directive, but I just wanted to remind you of a couple of key events.

  • Firstly, next week we will hold our meeting in preparation for PGL;
  • Keep your eyes open for a letter coming out soon regarding our History trip to the Imperial War Museum;
  • Finally, don’t forget the new incentive for children to complete higher quality homework – prizes!

Also, in relation to the homework, thank you for the seriousness with which you are treating the tasks, but please plug on with nightly reading! It would be great to really start seeing progress, not just in fluency, but comprehension of more sustained texts.

I leave you with an image of Y4 investigating place value. Next week, we will be consolidating calculation sills.

Best wishes, Mr Gorner. IMG_1513